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German Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

 An Exquisite Collection of German Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks.....the Gift for all Seasons!

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1 Day Carved Cuckoo Clocks


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Black Forest Hunting Cuckoo Clocks


Modern German Cuckoo Clocks


8 Day Carved Cuckoo Clocks


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Black Forest Clocks


 Traditional cuckoo clocks, chalet cuckoo clocks, hunting cuckoo clocks, hooting owl clocks, quartz cuckoo clocks, virtually all kinds of cuckoo clocks, stocked, in the USA. We also stock many other types such as mantel and wall clocks.

Please note when shopping, the cuckoo clock is measured from the very top part of the clock, to the very bottom part of the cuckoo clock and does not count the weights or pendulum. 

Troubleshooting Video and Instructions for Your New Cuckoo Clock