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1 Day Leaf & Bird Cuckoo Clocks

The following German Black Forest cuckoo clocks are of the one day variety, meaning they must be wound on a daily basis. These fine cuckoo clocks are hand-carved, as they have been for generations. 

Cuckoo clocks are hand-crafted and no two clocks will be the same. They may vary slightly from the photograph but the basic style will remain the same. Prices, sizes, colors and styles are subject to change without notice. 

The carved leaf and bird cuckoo clock is that of a birdhouse with a crest that fits on the top in most cases. They may have hand-carved leaves, branches and birds of various types. The mechanical mechanism is powered by gravity. It has two weights made of cast iron, one which drives the time and the other the cuckoo call. The weights hang on a hook at the end of a tarnish resistant chain. The chain runs up thru and over the drive gears which power the mechanism. A pendulum hangs below the clock and swings back and forth controlling the timing of the cuckoo clock. Please refer to the instructions for time corrections a cuckoo clock.

The leaf and bird cuckoo clocks made by Anton Schneider, Romba and Sternreiter use the German Regula #25 mechanical movement which is very trouble free and easy to service. The Hubert Herr mechanical movement must be repaired by a specialized repair facility. Repair facilities are available throughout the United States and world. All of these clocks are covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The carved leaf & bird cuckoo clock is measured from the very top wooden part of the clock, to the very bottom part of the cuckoo clock and does not count the pendulum and weights.