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Anton Schneider Cuckoo Clocks

1) Tradition and know-how since 1848. 2014 is their 167th year in business;

2) Direct chain animation and musical drive system on all musical clocks (exclusive Schneider mechanical system) that guarantees a trouble free functioning of music drum and movable parts;

3) Serial numbers stamped on the back of each clock. This serial number system identifies model number, movement execution, finishing color, production date, and production quantities. This system will be a tremendous help if we ever have to identify a specific production series with a quality problem. It also allows us to inform our customers of any improvements we have made and identify such changes as per individual clock and production date;

4) Manual night shut-off – this is a standard Schneider feature on all cuckoo clocks with the exception of model # 70/9. This feature will eliminate sleepless nights for the consumer since both the music and the cuckoo bird can be completely shut off without stopping the timing of the clock;

5) Protective surface lacquer on all carvings or wooden housings to guarantee and enhance the beauty of the wood for many years to come;

6) Superior quality and workmanship by using genuine material as much as possible. With the exception of a few price point clocks, all cuckoo clocks are featured with wooden dial, wooden hands, wooden hand carved cuckoo bird, and all animation figurines or fixed figurines, statues, trees, or animals are hand carved. Wood and hand carving is an important characteristic on all Schneider cuckoo clocks;

7) Superior quality musical movements "Swiss Made” manufactured by the famous Reuge Company located in Switzerland. Schneider exclusively uses Reuge movements on all mechanical musical cuckoo clocks.

8) 2-year manufacturers warranty.

9) Independent musical dancing figurines platform system. This system, together with the direct chain drive animation system, has given Schneider the leadership, excellent reputation, and the lowest failure rate in the industry;

10) Limited editions stamped with collector/limited edition seal including running production number and production date. A separate "Certificate of Authenticity” with running production number is included with each clock;

11) Nationwide service network – USA, Schneider service stations repair warranty claims free of charge;
12) Carving quality – most cuckoo clocks from our competitors, especially in the lower price range, have a very shallow carving depth. All Schneider carvings have the extra, additional depth;

13) All housing clocks (Black-Forest style or Alpine housing) are made out of solid wood;

14) The Schneider trade name – in the cuckoo clock industry the name Schneider is synonymous with quality, tradition, know-how, and dependability. Located in the heart of the Black-Forest, Schneider is one of the few remaining true manufacturers left in the industry. We are proud to put our name on the product and identify ourselves. Many clocks sold in the USA are made by assemblers who come and go and most of these products do not have any identification of the supplier;

15) Perceived value – due to our productivity and leadership in the industry, the Schneider product is the best value available.

Schneider Cuckoo Clocks, Germany.