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Cuckoo Clock Instructions, Troubleshooting, Videos

Trouble with your new cuckoo clock? Below are some great videos from the Black Forest that will help you solve most problems. Before calling us with your troubleshooting problems, please review these few videos, info and links. They will probably answer your questions and save you time in getting your new cuckoo clock up and running with little effort.

Clock Information - First Steps and Troubleshooting.

Videos - How to Fix Common Issues.

If the clock does not cuckoo, check to make sure the wire that latches the birds door is completely free of the door. Clips are off bellows and rubber bands and Styrofoam is removed from the interior of the clock. (not all clocks have rubber bands or Styrofoam).

Also be sure the "silent" lever is in the correct position, up is normally off.

If the clock is not keeping proper time you can adjust the pendulum carving. Move it up (close to the clock itself) to make the time go faster, and down (away from the clock, closer to the floor) to make the time slow down. LOWER IS SLOWER.

NEVER pull the weights or help them by lifting them when pulling the chains up. In other words—DO NOT TOUCH the weights while pulling the chains. Pressure must always be on the weighted chain to keep it on the sprocket.

Sometimes the bird sticks out with the door open. If the bird does not go back in DON’T FORCE IT. Take the weights and pendulum off, open the back of the clock, and make sure the lift wire that lifts the birds tail is UNDERNEATH the tail of the cuckoo bird. This wire lifts the birds tail and if it somehow got on top of the birds tail it may keep the bird from coming back inside the clock. You can do this by simply lifting the the birds tail with a pencil until the wire slips underneath the birds tail.

If a chain comes off the ratchet or gear, it is a fishing job at best to re-fit it back into place. Please keep the chains tight at all times so the chain cannot come off. If it does, this is not covered by warranty service but is quite easy to fix. Remove the weights and pendulum, keep any chains that are currently in place tight so they will not come off the ratchet/gear. You can do this by pulling the chain so the it is in the fully wound position where the hook is at the bottom of the clock. Now remove the backdoor and turn the clock upside-down resting it on your lap if a large clock. Feed some chain down inside the clock to form a loop and work it around till it fits around the drive ratchet/gear. Keeping it snug, turn the clock upright and pull the chain thru till it is fully wound again. That is about all there is to it, a fishing job at best. It may take a little time but is quite easy.

Whatever the problem, if something doesn’t seem to be working properly, DO NOT USE FORCE! Reread the instructions or call the store where you purchased the clock if necessary.