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Cuckoo Clock Video Instructions

Video Cuckoo Clock Instructions and Troubleshooting. 

Text instructions will be found further down the page.

Setting up your Black Forest cuckoo clock

My cuckoo clock won't run!


Cuckoo clock hands, issues



My cuckoo clock won't play music!


My cuckoo clock is not calling!


The following cuckoo clock text instructions are a good set of generic instructions that will work with most cuckoo clocks.

1) Unpack the cuckoo clock with care! When removing the cuckoo clock from the box please hold it at the roof. Be sure to check and remove, from the box, the other parts such as pendulum, crest and weights. Some boxes will have a false bottom where you will find the weights and/or pendulum stored.

2) Lay the cuckoo clock face down on a flat surface and open the back door by sliding the latch to the side. You can insert a pen or small screwdriver into the notch and pry the door off, if necessary.

3) Once opened, be careful not to bend any of the wires in the clock. Remove the packing paper from the gong wire (coil) on the back door. Remove the retaining clips located on the bellows in the clock.

4) Attach the crest and/or other ornaments to the clock.

5) Hang the clock on a strong nail or molly bolt which is secure in the wall at a slight upward slant. You can hang the clock at any level but you are best to hang it on a fastener that is at least 80" off the floor.

6) Open the small paper bag, containing the cuckoo clock chains, that is located underneath the cuckoo clock. Undo any knots in the chain so they dangle freely.

7) Hang the weights on the hooks, which should be against the base of the clock, in the fully wound position.

8) Open the bird’s door by gently moving the latch to the left so the cuckoo can come out. If the clock has double doors open both latches.

9) Hang the pendulum on the wire loop which will hang thru the elongated hole at the bottom of the clock. Make sure the clock is vertical and flush against the wall so that the pendulum will swing freely. Gently push the pendulum to one side to start the clock. The pendulum will have an even rhythmical beat.

10) To set the correct time, turn the minute hand (long hand) counter clock-wise to the correct hour. DO NOT MOVE THE HOUR HAND (short hand)! You can move the minute hand clock-wise, but you must allow the clock to cuckoo and/or finish playing music every hour and/or half-hour until the correct time is attained.

11) To wind the clock, gently pull down on the loose chain (opposite chain the weight is on). The weight will rise to the bottom of the clock. You can wind the clock at any time but it is best to wind it before it reaches the floor. If the clock has an 8 day movement please, gently lift up on the weight while pulling the opposite end of the chain.

12) The proper timing of the clock can be regulated by moving the pendulum leaf/ornament. If the clock gains time, push the pendulum leaf /ornament down along the stick. If the clock loses time, push the leaf/ornament up along the stick. Make the adjustments in small increments and let the clock run an hour or so and re-adjust if needed. You can remember this process by remembering "Lower is slower".

13) Many models come with a night shut-off switch which turns the cuckoo and/or music off. The shut-off lever is located on the side of the clock or can be a push-pull rod located underneath the clock.