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Instructions, Quartz Cuckoo Clocks

Quartz Cuckoo Clock Instructions

Please read the following quartz cuckoo clock instructions before handling your cuckoo clock. This is a generic set of instructions that will work with many cuckoo clocks, but not all. Please refer to your specific manufacturers instructions for details on their clocks.

1) Turn the minute hand clockwise until the clock reads 12 o'clock.

2) Open the back cover of the clock and insert the appropriate batteries as indicated by the + and - signs in the battery holder.

3) Hang the cuckoo clock on the wall and attach the pendulum, underneath the clock, to the pendulum hanger.

4) Turn the minute hand clockwise, until the clock reads the correct time. (IMPORTANT: Let the cuckoo call each full hour before proceeding to the next.)

5) Should the time the clock shows, not correspond with the number of cuckoo calls please proceed as follows:
Example: If the cuckoo calls twice, turn the hour hand (small hand) to II.
If the cuckoo calls nine times turn the hour hand to the IX.

6) At the left side of the cuckoo clock is a light sensor, by which the cuckoo call is switched off automatically during the night.

7) The batteries must be exchanged if the bird's door does not open of close anymore or if the clock is slow.

IMPORTANT: Please do not use Energizer Brand batteries. Energizer uses a plastic covering over its terminals which may impede the contact with the clock movement terminals. Try another brand. We highly recommend, Duracell, batteries for a power source.