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Myrtlewood Clocks | Oregon

Myrtlewood is a native tree of the coastal forests of Southern Oregon and Northern California. The Myrtlewood tree produces a beautiful burled wood that is used to make unique furniture items for your home decor. We use Myrtlewood harvested solely from the Oregon coast close to Bandon, Oregon.

The city of North Bend, Oregon, its municiple money tied up in a closed local bank, issued some the most unique Depression Era money: myrtlewood coins. Credit this statement to the Coos Historical and Maritime Museum.

Cuckoo Kingdom has teamed up with mother nature to produce some truly ornate custom clocks. All of our Myrtlewood Clocks are one of a kind as no two are alike. On this page you will find clocks made from different materials, i.e. oak, myrtlewood, but most clocks are Oregon Myrtlewood and will be marked appropriately on the item.

We also offer wooden clocks made from other materials such as fir, pine and driftwood.