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New Haven Steeple Clocks

Elias Ingraham (1805-85), a cabinet maker, was commissioned by George Mitchell to design and build a new style of clock case. Ingraham came to work for Mitchell in May of 1828 and eventually designed the sharp gothic case in about 1845. This "steeple clock" style has, ever since, been one of the most popular designs in American cabinetry. It has been copied and redesigned countless times over the last two centuries.

The New Haven steeple clock from Sternreiter is named for the town in Connecticut which holds some of America's most beautiful examples of gothic architecture. Available with either mechanical or quartz Westminster chimes, the New Haven features a reverse-painted glass which harkens the beauty and complexity of a gothic cathedral's rose window.

The New Haven Steeple Clock is made by Sternreiter Clocks. Sternreiter is a mark of true care. Sternreiter clocks are designed, maintained, and built by craftsmen with over fifty years of experience. The finest case makers and movement builders from around the world combine their talents to produce a line of heirloom timepieces.