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North Coast Imports, Inc. warranties its clocks for a period of two years from the date of consumer purchase, one year for quartz cuckoo clocks, unless otherwise noted and provided the clock has been setup and maintained following the directions furnished with the clock.

The warranty does not cover set-up costs (including hammer and hand adjustment or time regulation as described in the instruction manual), lubrication, broken suspension springs, unauthorized repairs, clocks not purchased from an authorized North Coast Imports, Inc. dealer, or clocks that have been shipped improperly. This warranty does not apply to damage to the clock due to negligence, modification (such as switching weights, pendulums, or dial) or to other causes unrelated to defective material or workmanship.

Proper operation and continued enjoyment of your clock can be achieved by following the installation and care recommendations found with your instructions. If you have any problem that is not covered in you manual, please call the dealer from whom you bought the clock.

Wood products may have slight variances in color due to wood grain and natural characteristics of wood material. Shrinkage and expansion of wood solids and veneers may occur with changes in temperature, humidity and altitude. These are normal characteristics of wood furniture products and are not covered under warranty.

Consistency in room temperature and humidity is recommended; avoid exposing the clock to extreme changes in temperature, which may cause fractures in the finish, joints or veneers. Clocks exposed to extreme conditions (very dry or dusty, very humid or ocean front) will require more frequent service to the mechanism.

Procedure to follow when there is a defect of other problem:

1) Locate and note the model number of the clock, which is located on the outside end of the original box.

2) Locate the receipt of proof of purchase with date.

3) Contact the Authorized North Coast Imports Dealer from whom you purchased the clock, provide the model number and the nature of the problem. If you have moved since purchasing the clock, or if the clock was purchased from and internet or mail-order company, shipping costs are not covered under warranty.

4) All requests for service, parts or returns must be presented to North Coast Imports, Inc. by an Authorized North Coast Imports Dealer.

5) If you need and have approval to send the clock back to North Coast Imports the clock must be received packed exactly as it was shipped. All wall and mantel clocks need to be double-boxed with at least one inch of packing in every direction. The weights and pendulum must be removed from the clock and secured away from the case. The weights and pendulum should never be directly touching the clock case during shipping and in most cases can be left out and kept for use with the replacement clock if one is issued.

6) You must enclose a dated invoice as proof of purchase. The shipping charges
to and from our authorized service station is your, the consumers, responsibility. Include a money-order for return shipping. If a large clock such has a musical cuckoo clock please enclose a $35 for return shipping. Smaller clocks require a $20 return shipping fee. This is for Domestic U.S. Clocks ONLY.


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