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Quail Call Cuckoo Clocks

A Quail call cuckoo clock is a little different than a normal cuckoo clock. Often called a cuckoo and quail clock, it’s a busy clock! At quarter after the hour the quail calls once. At half past the hour the quail calls twice and the cuckoo calls once. At quarter till the hour the quail calls 3 times. On the strike of the hour the quail calls 4 times and the cuckoo calls the full hour.

The following cuckoo clocks must be wound once a day. All quail call models have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and 2 year warranty. Quail cuckoo clocks are hand crafted and no two clocks are the same. They may vary slightly from the photograph but the basic style will remain the same. Prices, sizes, colors and styles are subject to change without notice. Sorry, theses great clocks are not available with an 8 day movement.